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Up to 56%
of VR users are based in the US
Up to 16.7%
more is spent per session in VR
VR market.
Virtual Reality Market and Consumers,
2021 SuperData Research Holdings, Inc
38.7% earnings boost for Dreamcam models
Our math is simple.
You work 40 hrs/week and get
Traditional 2D live streaming
VR live streaming with Dreamcam
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Entire studio.
All data are available in real
time with a user-friendly interface.
We train models to work in VR. You boost your revenue.
VR sets new interaction standards for
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Dreamcam cameras:
endless possibilities

One-of-a-kind camera for hours-long streaming.

We create cameras and develop
software for them. Absolutely no third parties.

Start earning from Day 1 with Dreamcam.

Room requirements

Camera working distance: 2-7 ft
Background: no moving objects
(curtains, windows, doors)
Camera working area: 100 ft2
The room should be with good lighting
Working space: light-colored smooth
walls w/o moire patterns
Things to avoid in the frame:
black objects (TV screens)
Preferred camera position: bed legs
Decoration lights: use if needed

System requirements for
VR streaming with Dreamcam

OS:Windows HOME 10 (keep updated)
Video card:Nvidia 1660 super or better. Older cards are not supported. AMD based GPUs are not supported
CPU:Intel i7-8700k or AMD Ryzen 7 2700x
RAM:2х8Gb DDR4 2666 MHz or higher
Internet:100 Mbps

Quick-start guide

Share your details at
hello@dreamcam.com or
fill out the form
Sign the agreement,
look through model
guide, and book a room Models are expected to use the
room for the longest time possible.


Do you partner with studios? Do you assign a personal manager?
What do you charge for a Dreamcam camera? Do you limit the number of cameras per person?
What are the steps for bringing our models to Dreamcam?
Where can I check Dreamcam hardware requirements?
How to sign up as a model? What are the requirements for the models? Do you have model castings?
What are tech support hours?
Do you have an account for studios? Do you collect and provide stats?
What payment options do you offer?

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