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How To Have An Amazing Virtual Sex With The Best Cam Girls

Let’s be honest - everyone’s got a dirty secret. There’s no shame in having some me-time after a long and hard day at work. I do it, and you probably do it; loads of people do it - whip out your phone or laptop, open your favorite website and have some pleasure. Thankfully, the adult industry has rapidly adopted the newest technologies, making the experience more immersive, more exciting, and more personal.

Gone are the days of hoping to find a secret stash of nudie mags hidden under a tree stump - nowadays, you can have completely immersive and stunning virtual sex with beautiful girls or guys. After real-life intimacy, VR camsites are the next best thing.

Why VR Sex is Amazing

Most people still associate adult entertainment with regular porn sites. In these, you have to spend some time searching for the perfect video, skip to the good part, and Houston, we have a lift-off. Afterward, close the tab and nuke the search history. That’s the ritual that many of us are familiar with, but I must admit, it’s rather old-school.

The hottest new things in the adult entertainment industry are VR camsites like Dreamcam. While XXX-rated streams are as old as webcams themselves, the introduction of virtual reality is a relatively recent arrival that makes you feel like you are literally next to the model. The VR headset fills your entire field of view, removing any distractions standing between you and amazing virtual sex.

Maximum Immersion

The most advanced VR camsites use stereoscopic virtual reality cameras that provide stunning depth perception, perfectly accentuating every curve of the model’s body. If you like your girls thicc, now you can enjoy their beautiful legs, voluptuous belly, luscious breasts, and other wonderful parts in realistic detail.

On the other hand, if your preference lies on slimmer, more petite girls, you can appreciate every light reflection on their almost aerodynamically sculpted and athletic bodies. Regardless of what you enjoy, VR is a complete game-changer, and the models will look like actual people instead of flat pictures.

Another killer app of VR camsites is head tracking. Unlike regular porn videos, where the camera is set at a fixed position, with virtual reality, you can look around and focus on the parts that you enjoy the most.

If you like breasts - enjoy the view in its full glory! Want to have a peek at the genitals? Sure! Maybe you can’t take your eyes off her feet - don’t worry, nobody will judge you. That being said, I love having an eye-to-eye view and looking at their beautiful faces while the model is chatting with the viewers and having fun.

The best part is that you can zoom in and have a closer look if something tingles your fancy. For example, Dreamcam streams high-resolution 180° video, so there’s enough detail to get you completely immersed in the virtual sex experience.

Any Way You Want It

There’s a wide selection of stunning girls and boys on Dreamcam. Many of them are so beautiful that they could be featured on the cover of Vogue. Others will find fans in those who prefer nerdier girls. Alt chicks, e-girls, anime catgirls - whatever’s your taste, chances are that you can find someone exactly for you at Dreamcam.

If you want to change the stream, you can simply click the arrow buttons until you find a model that floats your boat. Every public stream on Dreamcam is free, but you can send tips to the model if you want to support them or make a special request for a private show. You can see the tip menu for each model, and for a certain amount of money, they will do specific things.

The usual requests, of course, involve flashing certain body parts, saying some specific naughty phrases, or making the infamous Ahegao face. Some models spice it up by wearing particular clothes like maid outfits, Japanese schoolgirl costumes, or erotic lingerie on request.

If you want to see your favorite model pleasure herself with a certain toy - you can request that too. Some of the girls even dive deeper into the taboo zone and cater to specific BDSM fetishes like verbal humiliation, ballgags, bondage, or other things your lustful heart may desire. Once you reach a certain donation threshold, you can join a private show where the model will become even wilder and naughtier!

The best thing is that you don’t have to tip to have a wonderful time, because if you want to simply stick around and enjoy the company, you can do just that. Some streams are absolute rollercoasters of desire, lust, and sensuality, but others are perfect for those who want just to chill out and spend some time with a cute and beautiful girl.

How to Get Started With Virtual Sex

Right, all of this probably sounds wonderful, but where do I begin? After all, to watch regular porn, I just need a phone or computer, but VR sounds complicated. Many people think that booting up a VR headset is as much of an ordeal as plugging into a mecha-suit, but that’s no longer the case. In four simple steps, I will explain how to upgrade your virtual sex experience to the next level by leaping into the next frontier, virtual reality.

Step 1 - Choose your device

Nowadays, there are many awesome virtual reality headsets that are inexpensive, quick to set up, and easy to use. Gamers will opt for classic HMDs (head-mounted displays) such as HTC Vive or Valve Index that still connect to the computer via wire, but for general daily use, nothing can beat standalone VR headsets like Meta Quest 2. They are inexpensive, and they don’t require an external computer - these headsets are entirely standalone.

The prices of various HMDs can range from as low as 10 dollars for a cheap Google Cardboard to several thousand for enterprise-level hardware, but the sweet spot indeed is a couple of hundreds. Of course, more advanced devices will have higher resolution, wider field of view, smoother motion tracking, and better game controllers, but the beauty of Dreamcam is that it works on many of them.

As long as the device has access to a web browser, any headset owner is welcome to enjoy the pleasures of Dreamcam. That means that if you have Microsoft Mixed Reality, HP Reverb VR 1000, Oculus Quest 1 & 2, any generation of Rift, HTC Vive, Valve Index, or other HMDs, you can join the almost hypnotizing virtual reality streams and explore your deepest desires at any time.

Step 2 - Sign up at Dreamcam

This is entirely optional, as you can access the free shows without creating an account. However, if you sign up at Dreamcam, you can deposit money into your account and send tips to the models. In addition, you need an account to chat and interact with the model.

You can easily buy tokens via Mastercard or Visa through Epoch, or Mastercard, Visa, and PayPal through Segpay processors. The payment process is quick and simple, so you can easily start sending tips to your favorite models and ask them to perform things from the deepest corners of your imagination.

Step 3 - Open Dreamcam on your headset

As mentioned before, the only barrier to enter the world of virtual reality sex is whether your HMD supports a web browser. If your device connects directly to a computer, then you’re in the clear! The same can be said for devices that use your smartphone as the display, as they also have fully-featured web browsers such as Safari or Chrome.

Standalone devices are where the question starts to arise. I tried Dreamcam in my Quest 2, and the preinstalled Oculus Browser fully supported VR video streaming at Dreamcam with no lags. However, I cannot make any promises for other integrated devices, so read reviews and specifications before you make a purchase specifically for VR sex purposes.

Once you open on your HMD, just log into your account if you have one, and click on your preferred livestream. It will automatically adapt to your device so you can get fully immersed in a world where anything is possible.

Step 4 - Close the doors and turn off the lights

Now that everything is in order, just put the HMD on your head and enjoy a level of virtual intimacy you’ve never experienced before. Touch every curve, smell every drop of sweat, and feel the steam in the air.

Remember that these are live streams and not prerecorded videos. Keep in mind that the models have to sleep, eat or shower, so they have a schedule when they’re on. If your favorite model is offline, don’t worry because there’s always a wide selection of streams online at Dreamcam.


I love technology - it feels almost as if it’s made just for porn. With VR, you can feel much more immersed in the action, and thanks to the human interaction factor of livestreams, it’s the perfect match. Dreamcam is leading the charge of VR camsites, offering an unmatched virtual sex experience. It’s so good that it’s worth buying a headset just for Dreamcam.

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