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How To Be A VR Cam Girl

The XXX camming industry has become extremely popular in recent decades. And young women today often view camming as a lucrative career choice. If you have ever considered camming for a living, it’s the perfect time to start your exciting journey.

To become VR webcam model, you must learn several things. The list is quite long, from what equipment to use to how to master the subtle art of seduction. Webcam modeling is a profitable profession, and the demand is constantly on the rise. VR camming sites like Dreamcam can help you live stream from home and earn good money.

So, webcam modeling is an excellent career path if you are a free spirit and confident about your body. You can sign up for full-time camming or start a part-time gig. Recent tech advancements let you be creative and fully control all your sessions. Join thousands of girls worldwide and make a fortune from home by starting your modeling career on Dreamcam.

What is Webcam Modelling?

Cam modeling is the act of playing out sexual fantasies and erotic performances in front of a webcam for a live audience. A webcam model entertains viewers and gets paid in return. Camming websites use digital currency tokens as payments that can be redeemed for real money.

Different cam sites have different payout policies. Some have fixed prices for performing live sessions of a particular duration, while others charge users by minute. Live streaming is usually done either in channels or private sessions. While personal camming channels are open to large groups of viewers, private performances include one-on-one sessions and pay better. The latter work better for your very special naughty requests.

To become a web cam model, you must first adopt a persona. Not only does this help you lure patrons, but it also makes the interaction more pleasurable and exciting. After all, camming is a career, and you must learn to never mix work and pleasure. Like every other industry, a webcam girl needs the experience to excel as an adult performer. So, the question is now just how to be a VR camgirl but how you want to bond with the audience.

Hence, you must first answer these questions for a clear perspective to become a cam star.

  • Do you see yourself as a webcam girl in the long run, or is this just a short-term thing?
  • How many hours per week would you like to dedicate to camming?
  • What kind of cam girl persona would you like to adopt?
  • Are you comfortable doing this job?
  • What makes you uncomfortable?
  • What makes you different from the thousands of other cam girls?

Finding the answers to these questions will help steer your camming career in the right direction and help you streamline your goals. While you can always change your mind after performing for a while, it is better to have a clear insight from the beginning to avoid confusion in the future.

How to Become a VR Webcam Girl?

There are several steps on how to become a webcam girl in virtual reality. We will walk you through the key steps to embark on your camming journey.

Choose the Right Camming Platform

The first step in becoming a webcam model is choosing the right VR camming platform. Pick a camming site that fits your needs. What type of live performances do you prefer? How much money do you want to earn in a month? What is your preferred schedule? Find the answers to these questions and shortlist websites based on your answer.

The audience plays a crucial role in the selection process. Scope a few camming platforms to get a general feel of the crowd before making up your mind. Analyze factors like how many people visit the website, the quality of users, and the kinds of kinks and fetishes the website delivers.

If you like performing a specific kink, shortlist websites catering specifically to your preferences and talents. For instance, if you enjoy solo BDSM performances, find a website catering to your niche audience instead of a website offering viewers a live stripping experience. As a webcam model, your primary tasks are identifying the right audience for your skills and knowing where to find them.

Set up Your Account

Once you find the ideal camming website, it’s time to set up your camgirl profile. Live camming sites will have separate sign-up forms for models and viewers. Don’t forget to sign up as a model, not a viewer.

Identify Your Niche

When selecting your preferences and talents, it’s essential to consider the following factors.

Your Physical Assets

What is your body type? Are you busty, curvy, or petite? Viewers have different preferences, and knowing your physical assets can help you find the right audience.

Kinks & Fetishes

Are you comfortable performing various kinks and fetishes, or do you want to stick to vanilla performances like stripping and dancing? Exotic kinks like foot and candle fetishes, maledom, BDSM, etc., have plenty of admirers. Learning your way around these kinks will boost your popularity with the viewers.

Set the Stage

With that out of the way, it’s time to set the stage. Get your equipment and find a secluded venue to set the mood. The list of equipment and accessories includes a camera, tripod, microphone, and lights. You will need space to set up your equipment. The room should be large enough to accommodate the equipment but small enough so the viewers can watch you perform.

You can install noise-canceling wall padding if you don’t have a secluded space. It pays to clear all distractions.  Ensure that the viewer only sees and hears things you want them to see and hear. The set design is the next most important item on our list. Choose the right design based on your performance. An inviting bed or a comfortable gaming chair offers maximum flexibility for solo performances.

Get Your Business Affairs in Order

One of the best things about the live sex industry is flexible working hours. Webcam models can perform whenever they like as there will always be takers. However, specific time slots attract maximum footfall. So, you might want to cash in on the primetime slots at the beginning of your career.

The average webcam models stream three-to-four hours daily. But this isn’t set in stone, and you are free to perform as long as you want. However, we recommend selecting a fixed daily time slot not just for you but for the viewers. Otherwise, they must check in periodically to see if you are online. It’s cumbersome, and the viewers might lose interest.

Before setting up your camgirl account, ensure you have the necessary payment channels to receive money. The website does all the heavy lifting by collecting money and sending it to your camming account as tokens. While most cam sites directly transfer the funds via PayPal, other websites use cryptocurrencies for payment.

Equipment that You Will Need

Every successful webcam model needs a few high-tech pieces to kickstart their XXX camming journey. We have listed the essential items that will help you start.


Whether your viewers are on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone, you need a high-end camera to capture your dirty action in vivid detail. Hence, a high-end webcam capable of filming HD videos is a crucial piece of equipment in your inventory. You can grab an HD webcam at great prices nowadays. So, finding the right webcam won’t be a challenge.


Lighting is everything for camgirls since you must always look pretty for the camera. Every social media influencer will agree that domestic lights aren’t the best for filming. You need professional lighting equipment for that perfect look. Ring lights are best suited for indoor videography and photoshoots since they diffuse intense hues for the ideal warm effect. Several reputed brands sell ring lights. Get your hands on one for the best price to start with.


Looking sexy isn’t enough for camgirls. You have to sound sexy too! Unfortunately, even the most high-tech video recording devices don’t have the best microphones to capture detailed sound effects. This is why cam models need high-quality microphones to capture and convey every kinky moan to the viewers.

Sexy Outfits & Lingerie

Sexy lingerie is an excellent way to tease viewers without baring it all for the camera. Viewers want to see you in kinky outfits. So, give them what they want and then some while you tease them with your roleplays. It is crucial that you stock up your wardrobe with kinky outfits and sexy lingerie, as the viewers can get bored with the same looks.

Adult Toys

Adult toys are not-that-secret weapons every camgirl must have. They come in various shapes and sizes and are designed for very different pleasures. Identify the toys you are most comfortable with, and watch closely how your audience feels about them. Adult toys are hot, entertaining, and elevate your performance to a completely new level!

Main Money Earning Skills that You Will Need to Develop

There is no simple answer if you want to know how to become the best webcam girl. Instead, you must work on building your skills and developing a persona to advance your career. After all, camming is an art, and unless you perfect your craft, you won’t find the big bucks rolling in.

On that note, these are the following skills and personality traits that you’d better possess or develop to become a successful cam model.


Cam girls must be pleasant and friendly to attract viewer crowds. So, if you are a loner and don’t enjoy people’s company, camming is not for you. Camgirls must have excellent social skills. And while you can acquire the craft, it takes practice and patience. Cam models must interact with people from different backgrounds and know how to work around them.


Camming isn’t an easy job; you will work in front of the camera for hours, actively engaging with the viewers. Camgirls deal with different sorts of viewers and their comments; while most people are friendly, you will encounter stalkers and aggressive folks every once in a while. You’d better learn to keep calm and defuse every situation without being shaken. This is where resilience is essential. The sooner you recover from something weird and unpleasant, the easier it will be for you to survive and thrive in this industry.


It won’t start raining cash from the day you decide to become a camgirl. Building a loyal fanbase may take days, weeks, or months. You should be motivated and ready to work hard for your dreams. Building a strong appetite for success helps you succeed in the long run. Keep in mind that it takes time to reach the top tiers of VR camming, and there are no shortcuts to success.


Flexibility is crucial for cam models as you must be willing to adapt or change your style to please the audience. Moreover, you are supposed to leave your problems aside when stepping in front of the camera. Mixing your personal and professional lives will only make things worse for you and affect your career. And that sums up our list of how to become webcam model. Sounds like a dream job? Go ahead and make it real!

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