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Dreamcam model who hit rock bottom becomes top earning VR babe making £11k a month from sexy streams

The source: Daily Star

EXCLUSIVE: Ashley, who is known as LilGee, hit rock bottom when she was unable to pay for her studies. Now she's pocketing a serious amount of cash thanks to webcamming

A model who struggled financially after coronavirus hit has revealed how her life changed after turning to webcam modelling.

Ashley, who is known as LilGee, hit rock bottom with debt crippling her as she couldn't afford her college tuition in the US.

She ran out of ways to earn a steady income so she turned to VR camming during the pandemic.

Now the rest is history.

Speaking to Daily Star, the 26-year-old has opened up about her journey from being a broke student to earning £11,000 per month.

She said: "The pandemic cost my parents their jobs. They paid for my education but I had to drop out of college as a result.

"Debts started to mount and I fell into terrible depression as a result of everything."

LilGee began dating an older man who gifted her with her first VR headset in 2019.

She managed to find a job as a massage therapist to make ends meet, but it was still a struggle to pay rent every month.

Then one night she decided to watch porn in VR and saw an announcement for Dreamcam who was looking for models.

The babe said: "I had been using VR for a long time so I figured I'd try it out and signed up to become a model."

She was sent a special camera from the company then she began recording videos in VR.

Within her first few days, she made her first thousand then it was time for her to quit her massage job and become a full-time model.

The beauty admitted: "My clients love my voice and presentation skills so much they ask for me to run through the day's top news.

"They'd rather get their news from me than a reporter at a major news organisation."

The popular webcam girl concluded: "These guys paid me for my daily 'rundowns'.

Now I earn $15,000 (£11,000) per month through Dreamcam.

"With that money, I've been able to pay my rent and get my parents out of some debt too."

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